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Botanical Hair Treatment

The Cortex

The plant-powered bond-multiplying molecule penetrates to the inner cortex to strengthen and repair hair from within.

The Cuticle

Nourishing macro green blend with avocado, green tea and sacha inchi oils smooths the cuticle to detangle and help prevent breakage.

The F-Layer

Plant-derived complex mimics the hair's outer f-layer to help protect hair.

This service can be added on or be a stand alone service.

Malibu Hair Treatments

Hard Water - 

  • naturally removes hard water deposits and impurities leaving hair instantly softer, shinier and full of swing

  • eliminates brassiness, discoloration and damage caused by mineral absorption

  • vitamin-infused formula deeply penetrates for superior moisture retention

Swimmers -

Malibu Swimmers Wellness Hair Remedy will dramatically improve the look and feel of hair no matter how often you swim. It naturally removes elements from the pool, spa or ocean water that can damage and discolor hair. It helps prevent the recurrence of brittle and damaged hair and prevents and removes the "swimmers green", or copper buildup that causes hair to discolor into a green color. 

brown hair flowing

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Add Olaplex to any hair service or a stand alone treatment.


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