Meet The Vive Tribe Salon

Alyssa Mae

Position:  Owner, Master Cosmetologist, Level 5 Stylist

Education: Aveda Institute Minneapolis, MN.

Specialty Services: Building and running her business, hair coloring, cutting & styling.  

Elizabeth J. 

Position: Master Cosmetologist, Level 5 Stylist.

Education: Aveda Institute Minneapolis

Specialty Services:   

 I love coloring hair.

Olivia R.

Position: Master Cosmetologist, Level 3 Stylist, Art Director. 

Education: The Salon Professional Academy, Fargo, ND.

Specialty Services: I love performing Aveda Facials and working with blondes.

Sam H.

Position: Master Cosmetologist, Employee Manager, Level 3 Stylist, Salon Ambassador.

Education: The Salon Professional Academy, Fargo, ND.

Specialty Services: My favorite services are foils and hydrafacials.

Jaclyn R.

Position: Esthetician, Level 1 

Education: Josef's School of Hair, Skin, and Body

Fargo, ND

Specialty Services: I love performing lashes and Aveda facials.

Mersadez B.

Position: Cosmetologist,   Level 1 Stylist

Education: Aveda Institute Minneapolis, MN.

Specialty Services: I love coloring hair. 

Kinzie C.

Position: Cosmetologist,   Level 1 Stylist

Education: Aveda  Institute Minneapolis, MN.

Specialty Services: Blondes and Balayage.

Taylor M.

Position: Cosmetologist,   Level 1 Stylist

Education: The Salon Professional Academy, Fargo, ND.

Specialty Services: My favorite service to perform is hair coloring and eyelash extensions.

Ellie K.

Position: Master Cosmetologist, Level 1 Stylist

Education: Josef's School of Hair, Skin, and Body

Fargo, ND

Specialty Services: I love performing all beauty services. 

Mel M.

Position: Front Desk Professional, Inventory Manager

Favorite Service: Getting my hair extensions done is my favorite service to receive. 

Taylor L.

Position: Little Bit of Everything.

Favorite Services: Anything performed by my favorite gal pal's at Vive Salon.

Favorite AVEDA Products: Oil Control Lotion and Dry Remedy Hair Mask.

Lauren N.

Position: Little Bit of Everything

Favorite Services: Customized AVEDA Facials.

Favorite AVEDA Products: Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-in Treatment


Alyssa Mae


Drive, confidence, passion, and resilient are just a few words to describe Alyssa Mae, owner of Vive Salon. From an early age, she knew that she wanted to own a salon and be a force behind the chair - but her dreams have continued to grow, and so has her business footprint - most of her growth is from big ideas and not taking no for an answer. Her business model is also evolving to one that she cannot only continue to enhance and expand her skills but helping those around her do the same - she has a passion for mentoring young professionals that will either be employed by her or own their businesses! Not only is she mentoring in business, but Bio Girls has filled a hole in her life. "I want them to know that we all are great inside" She can use her experiences as well as compassion to help mentor and support young girls through the program. She lives by Positive Mind, Positive Vibe, Positive Life!


Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.